Google is coming for your health records.

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An interesting article was published by The Tech News division of The Star Online on November 22, 2018 by John Lauerman and Jeremy Kahn.

A short summary;

An artificial intelligence company named DeepMind has access to millions of British medical records. This started out innocently enough, the intent was to monitor and diagnosis diseases and gather data. However DeepMind has partnered with Google. Now, at first blush, this business deal appears to make sense since DeepMind is a research team and Google, being a corporation, is more advantageously positioned to scale and monetize DeepMind’s data analytic efforts.

But for the benefit of whom? What common good is being served? What does it mean for patients? It is their data, it is their lives. Increased access and the ever pervasive monetization of medical records means precious and highly personal data is being more widely disseminated in efforts to “scale and monetize” corporate agendas.

Google wants medical records, and it wants medical records for one reason, profits. This has serious implications and I’m not the only person who thinks so. Deborah Peel, MD, who is one one of the most passionate and enduring patient privacy advocates to emerge since the early 2000’s is quoted in the article;

“Google turns patient data into secret intellectual property that ensures treating future patients will be very, very expensive,” said Deborah Peel, head of Patient Privacy Rights, a US-based advocacy group. “Corporations are governed by profits and Google Health is all about profits.”
— Deborah Peel, MD

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