Elizabeth Burke, Patient Privacy Advocate


Elizabeth Burke BA, CCS has over 13 years of Health Information Management experience as both an outpatient and DRG medical coder.  In addition to coding, Elizabeth has experience as an auditor, appeals author and coding educator.  Elizabeth has consulted for private corporations, physician groups, law firms and multiple level I trauma and teaching facilities throughout the country.  Currently, Elizabeth is performing DRG validation audits in the regulatory environment.


Elizabeth became a patient privacy advocate in 2017 after realizing that both privacy laws and the business practice of offshoring were not evolving at the same rate.  As a result, sensitive patient data is increasingly being included in electronic medical records.  Elizabeth is passionate about educating the public on  how the current business model over-exposes patient population data and PHI (Protected Health Information)to foreign workforces who are not subject to the same privacy and security laws as a US-based workforce.


"I've Got Questions, You Need Answers"is Elizabeth's first public awareness campaign as a patient privacy advocate. The campaign launched in the summer of 2018.

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